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Health Promotion for your Bones

What you should know about Osteoporosis and How to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent Osteoporosis


            -A well balanced diet of fruits, veggies, cereals, vitamins, minerals, and DAIRY are necessary for maintaining good bone health

            -it is recommended for those in the mid-20’s and over to have 1,000-1,500 mg of Ca/day

            -For those who are lactose intolerant-there are other sources of Ca available

            -Despite Ca intake, exercise is also necessary for bone health.  Even if your Ca intake is adequate, without weight-bearing exercise, bones will weaken and demineralize.


            -Even if you are careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle, some people are predisposed to osteoporosis d/t their genetics—should take preventative measures and be tested.


            -Habits such as heavy drinking, smoking, poor nutrition, increased caffeine intake, and immobility will weaken your skeletal system


            -Bone scans are painless, fast and simple; making it easy for those who are risk to be tested and achieve a baseline for future treatment. 


            -Osteoporosis is not painful, and usually a broken bone is the first indicator.

            -other warning signs: height loss, curvature of the spine (Kyphosis)

-ARE YOU AT RISK? Know if you are at risk!

            -  women with early menopause or hysterectomy before age 45

            -men with low testosterone

            -corticosteroid use

            -family history

            -medical conditions such as Crohns or celiac disease



            -underweight women or eating disorders




Milk...does a body good