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Health Promotion for your Bones

What resources are available to for providers and consumers related to the topic? &

How can such resources and information be located, disseminated and communicated to providers/consumers?


-Journal databases

- Mailing lists

-National Osteoporosis Society (based in the UK)—has a section on website for professionals: Osteoporosis Review (Journal)

                        NOS 11th Conference June 2006

                        Research Grants Program



            -Websites—many of which were accurate.  WebMD, NOS, Nations Osteoporosis Foundation

            -Mailing lists

            -Support Groups!—

                                    -National Osteoporosis Foundation

                                    -National Osteoporosis Society (UK)

                                    -Women’s Center: Osteoporosis



            -Often you can find handouts/magazines/brochures in MD offices

            -Health expos, Curves, offer free bones scans, lectures, information on Osteoporosis


Support Groups

National Osteoporosis Society



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