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Health Promotion for your Bones


Many lives are affected by osteoporosis, most commonly elderly, post menopausal women. Early interventions for women can help interfere with the development of osteoporosis. Although the cause of osteoporosis is unknown the disease can be prevented through education of people who are most at risk of developing it.

Education for prevention of osteoporosis and bone health promotion covers a large area of material that will not only help the musculoskeletal system but the body as a whole. Starting early in a patients life is important to intervene with habits that can be dangerous to the development of osteoporosis. By decreasing the risks involved with osteoporosis through education making those at risk understand bone health promotion the incidence of osteoporosis falls.

As healthcare providers we need to be able to assess the risk factors for osteoporosis. Educating those at risk is our job to promote healthy clients. Regular testing, like that of breast cancer, should be performed by healthcare individuals to high risk patients. Recognizing the signs of osteoporosis is important to education for the client to prevent life threatening injuries in the future.

Researching this topic was important because of the prevalence of fractures that are admitted to the hospital each year due to osteoporosis. It is a common occurrence to see these patients on the med surg floor. Understanding what osteoporosis is and knowing how to educate other patients to prevent the disease in others. We need to know the importance of safety as we move these fragile patients and send them home with knowledge on how to protect themselves.

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