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Health Promotion for your Bones

Tradtional materials versus Internet materials

Sources used for this research on osteoporosis were taken from the internet based sites. Using the internet streamlines the research process by having a large collection of data to choose from. Searching online, gathering all types of materials, such as books, online journals, credible websites, and databases is convenient for the research process. Full text articles, journals, and books can be viewed on these online data bases with ease without searching shelves then doing extensive reading to find what the information needed.

Materials need to be looked at keenly to determine if they are a credible source. Knowing what questions to ask and critiquing the literature is helpful in finding the most reliable websites. The web makes it easier to find material but a researcher needs to review their findings to make sure that the sources they are using are credible.
Our material has come from government websites such as the USDA, professional online sources such as National Osteoporosis Foundation, and databases like Medline Plus. These are credible sources that are updated and contain current information. There is an abundant amount of information on osteoporosis on the Health and Sciences Library System. Using this search engine scatters your search results over a large number of databases that are all up to date and scientific.

Books and other paper sources are valuable but with the ease and convenience of the online sources these are frequently overlooked. This hard copy information can be easily distributed for educating clients. Many times the same information or source is online and can be gathered from the internet database. The internet allows a lot more material that can be sifted through to find the specific information that the researcher is looking for.


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